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The Korea Differently Abled Federation(KODAF) is a federation of 28 DPOs subdivided by types of disabilities and regions. KODAF was launched when the Charter of Civil Rights for PWD(People With Disabilities) was signed and established in 1998, and has served to enhance and protect the rights and interests of PWD.

Our society had recognized PWD as a subject of sympathy, dispensation and welfare for a long time. However, the awareness about PDW has been renewed recently in the context of the civil rights movement. At this turning point of awareness, KODAF tries to promote the spirit that the Charter of civil rights of PWD has created, and strives to improve the human rights of PWD nationwide.

Many parties, including KODAF, are continuously making efforts to enable complete and equal participation of all members in the society. Those efforts recently produced such results as the Anti-discrimination and Rights Remedies for the Disabled Act, and the ratification of the UNCRPD.

Under the new circumstances, Korean organizations of PWD gather strength to prepare creative policy alternatives that are befitting the spirit of the age. Moreover, we actively campaign to make the world an inclusive society without the discrimination and exclusion of PWD.

The meaning of 'differently abled' in the abbreviation of KODAF(Korean differently abled federation) replaces the word "disabled" with " can do or will do", but in a different way. KODAF tries not to use negative words, "can't do or won't do", especially "disabled". Disability could be a viewed as part of the character of individual, just like wearing eyeglasses. It is a fundamentally more positive way to approach PWD. In the popular speech the words "differently abled" are occasionally ridiculed. They are sometimes used by the people who criticize political correctness that stands in the way of a real progress. Everyone understands that "differently abled" signifies a PWD. Sometimes, however, people use this expression to describe someone incompetent, or in denial about the lack their abilities. KODAF and its all members reject that connotation.

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